Ensemble Megaphon // On Angel Wings - 18 and 19.11.2016

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On angel wings...
A Wandelkonzert with music, poetry and pictures from 8 centuries

Friday 8 November and Saturday 19 November 2016
at 7:30 pm
in St. Ludwig, Celle

Musikensemble Megaphon invites you to a Wandelkonzert entitled "On angel wings..." one. What do angels sound like and what do they look like? Fascinated by images and compositions by various artists and composers, the musicians of the Ensemble Megaphon embark on a journey. In this, poetic spoken word and choral singing combine with instrumental compositions, sung by a soprano and played by violin, violoncello, flute and guitar.
Under the artistic direction of Lenka Župková and Klaus Hermann Anschütz, the musicians and choir span a wide range from Gregorian chants to mystical chants by Hildegard von Bingen, works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Astor Piazzollla, and contemporary music.
The floating light projections transform the church space and merge with the dancer's movements to form a collage. In a production rich in images, the four musicians, a dancer from the music Ensemble Megaphon and the Schola Gregoriana Cellensis walk through the church and through timeless sound worlds.We invite you to listen into the sounds, to slow down and stop time.

Your Ensemble Megaphon

Schola Gregoriana Cellensis, Conductor: Klaus-Hermann Anschütz
Ensemble Megaphon and guest artists
Lenka Zupkova - Violin
Nora Matthies - Violoncello
Sophia Körber - Soprano
Lenka Kozderkova - Flute
Eva Vogeltanz - Guitar
Oren Lazovski - Dance, Accordion
Andre Bartetzki - Video Projection
Franz Betz - Light sculptor

Duration of the concert 100 minutes with intermission

Admission: 10/15,- € / VVK box office from 7 pm

Funded by:
Lower Saxony Savings Banks Foundation
Diocese of Hildesheim
City of Celle
Ensemble Megaphon presents On Angel Wings

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