Ensemble Megaphon // Dada sounds there - 30.10.2016

Ensemble Megaphon presents "Dada sounds there""
DADA sounds there

Ladies and gentlemen, should you suddenly encounter syllables or individual tones or sequences of tones in the next few days, do not stop them. Follow them! Read them forwards or hum them backwards.

We look forward to seeing you - well attuned - with us on Sunday, the 30 October at the Sprengel Museum Celebrating DADA.

From 11 am In the spirit of Dada, which is now 100 years old, we will be creating a multitude of sound scenes in the rooms with song lights. Our new project Dada klingt is music, grooving poetry, onomatopoeic composition, dancing collage and performance, with Anna Clementi Blume right in the middle.

Be with us, be part and a little dada....

Your Ensemble Megaphon

You can find out about other important things here. http://www.dadaklingtda.ensemble-megaphon.com/

Ensemble Megaphon presents "Dada sounds there""Ensemble Megaphon presents "Dada sounds there""
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