Newsletter 2/Ensemble Megaphon/DADA sounds DA !

Dear Friends of our ensemble, dear Dadas,

We pack our seven things and move to the Alte Polizei at Raschplatz. Here, in the former offices and corridors of the law enforcement officers, we'll let off steam in a completely Dadaist way. Maybe we can find a few card index boxes for our rhythm collages. Or we'll elicit some criminal sound poetry from a disused keyboard with the abandoned dust mice.
Dada sounds different there in the Old Police than in the highly cultural halls of the Sprengelmuseum and we are looking forward to that! A reason to be there and also a reason to come back!
And also a reason to officially celebrate with us - after the last performance on Saturday, 28 January from 20:30 at Monkeys Music Club becomes DJ Gagarino take our guests into dance custody with his dadaistic remixes! Be there and let yourself be captivated by the Gagarino groove!

See you again dada or there....with magisterially enthusiastic greetings

Your DADA Ensemble Megaphon

DADA sounds DA!
The Ensemble Megaphon paints a dadaistic-theatrical sound through the premises of the Alte Polizei Station at Raschplatz.
on 26, 27 and 28 January at 7:30 p.m.
Admission 10 € / reduced 5 €
VVK Reservix and box office at the Künstlerhaus, Sophienstr. 2, Monday-Friday 12.00-18.00 and at the box office from 19.00. Number of visitors limited to 99.

All info:

If you would like to support us, we would be very happy if you would vote for our project at the Society Award of the German-Turkish Network (DTN). With this prize we want to realise the foundation of the Refugee Chamber Orchestra WELCOME and develop a music theatre entitled "THE STORY OF A SOUL" together with Syrian, Turkish and German musicians.

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