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Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Mauricio Kagel has long since become a classic as a composer. Reason enough to look at him through Kagel's glasses. The Ensemble Megaphon has, together with the composer and interaction artist Bernhard Kingwho was one of Kagel's last students, developed a framework composition in a dialogue process that forms the "red thread" of the programme and throws anecdotal spotlights on Kagel's life and work. The rest is improvisation ranging from "quite close to the original" to complete "decaging" that runs counter to all the master's intentions.

As part of Klangbrücken - Mauricio Kagel / Festival of the Hanover State Opera
Memento MAURO / Homage with Kagel
A multi-layered homage to Kagel in Kagelian style
at 7 april at 7 pm
at Sprengel Museum Hanover
Admission 15 €/ reduced 10 €
VVK and Sprengel Museum (box office)
Memento Mauro. Photo Dagmar Schmidt.
We are very much looking forward to your coming.
Lenka Župková
Artistic direction Ensemble Megaphon
Please note
We play the concert again The story of the soldier by Igor Stravinsky and Alla Zagaykevich at the 21 april at 7 pm at KinderTheaterHaus.
Lenka Župková
Artistic direction Ensemble Megaphon
Management Blickpunkte e.V.
Göttinger Str. 49
30449 Hanover
Register Court: Hanover Local Court
Registration number: VR: 201129
T. 0511.37353559
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