Newsletter Ensemble Megaphon, September 2019

eel king (evolution of the fishes)
(with Francesca Woodman, Eel series, Roma 1977/78)
imagine that the eel has migrated
hiked all the stairs up to the flat
bearer of the soul of an enchanted king.
had curled up there like a tow rope
and she - eel priestess, eel queen - have
immediately applied the eel spell, under
the silver gelatine eye of the camera.
imagine, he had followed her, chance acquaintance
 Birgit Kreipe

Dear friends of our ensemble,

With this short introduction, we would like to remind you once again to join us on 20 September on the lyrical-musical paths "Of course also through the reeds" to wander. In addition to the Hanoverian poet Birgit Kreipe, also with the Berlin poets Steffen Popp and Georg Leß, who will be musically accompanied by me on this evening.

And after that we plunge into the preparation for our next big project - Sleepless will be the next weeks, festive, mysterious, full of great compositions and stories and full of love! We'll soon let you and you peek behind the scenes a little....

Friday, 20 September, 7:00 pm
Theatre Museum
Of course also through the reeds

Reading with Birgit Kreipe, Georg Leß, Steffen Popp. Music: Lenka Zupkova
VVK : Box office from 6:30 pm
Price: 10 €

Sleepless love - Three sound-painting live radio plays for organ and chamber ensemble

30.11. 2019 St. Nicolai Bohtfeld Hanover, 7:00 pm
5.12. 2019 Basilica St. Clemens, Hanover, 7:30 pm
7.12. 2019 Emmaus Church, Langenhagen, 7:00 p.m.

The event will take place within the framework of the Campagne Hoch empor. Organs in Lower Saxony held.

Admission VVK via Reservix from 1.10. and at the box office on site, 30 min. before the concert.

Sponsored by: Hannover Region, Lower Saxony Foundation, Cultural Office of the City of Hannover. In cooperation with Musikland Niedersachsen.
Further information :

In great excitement and anticipation of what is to come,

Lenka Zupkova
Artistic direction Ensemble Megaphon

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