Newsletter Ensemble Megaphon, May 2022

Dear friends of our ensemble,

on these summery days we rehearse with great joy in the middle of the perfect stage set of pallet gardens, green strips, insect hotels and small greenhouses for ... MUTELY AROUND. The end of the song . So while we make the sound worlds of insects and the changing acoustics of our (urban) landscapes audible and tangible with compositions by Tatjana Prelevic, Ehsan Ebrahimi, Andre Bartetzki or Gabriel Frisch, among others, it blossoms, grows, crawls and flies inspiringly around us.
Thanks to the wonderful costumes by Burkhard Scheller, we ourselves already fit very well into this ambience and are looking forward with you and yours to a very special open-air premiere on the grounds of the PLATZprojekt next Sunday.

Ensemble Megaphon in park with instruments and insect macs
Photo: China Hopson

Feel free to come to Linden with a well-filled picnic basket from 5 p.m. onwards to Open Space Hannover e.V. at the PLATZProject. From 6 p.m. onwards, we will set the mood for the Wandelkonzert at 7 p.m. with small activities and an impulse lecture.

... MUTELY AROUND. The end of the song
Open-air Wandelkonzerte on insects, nature and sound, concerts, impulse lectures and workshops

All parts of the event follow the idea of "pay what you can" and will be moved to alternative venues in case of rain. Limited places,

Reservations under

VIDEO CONCERTS with artists from Rouen, Varanasi and Adelaide:

Mute Around: Music for Insects

Multimedia concert with Frédéric Jouhannet (e-violin), Lison De Ridder (overhead - projections and drawings) and Ensemble Megaphon.
17.06., at 7 pm, Cinema at the Künstlerhaus Hanover

Mute around: Insects Landscapes

Multimedia concert with Sandip Ghosh(Tablas) Ashley Hribar(Piano)Tosh Leykum (VJ and Videoart) and Ensemble Megaphon.

24.06., at 7 pm, Cinema at the Künstlerhaus Hanover

VVK and prices:


With sunny greetings

Lenka Župková
Artistic direction Ensemble Megaphon.

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