Newsletter July 2014


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Newsletter July 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

We would like to invite you to Radically utopian - A project in two parts on Luigi Nono.

The series of events will open on 11 July at 7 pm in the St Mark's Church.
The centrepiece of the concert will be the performance of a late work by Nono, the string quartet Fragmente - Stille, An Diotima (1980) by the renowned Nomos Quartet.
The association second part of the project takes place on 20 July at 8 pm as Concert circuit in the Ice factory will take place, composed of chamber concerts, performances and installations. Among others, a central work by Nono, La Fabbrica Illuminata (The Illuminated Factory) for female voice and tape (1964) will be performed. For the live vocal part we were able to secure Sarah Maria Sun win.

In addition to concerts, the multi-part event includes audience discussions, lectures and two youth projects. Furthermore, there will be a 13 July at 10.30 h a thematic service with Pastor Bertram Sauppe, Katharina Ortmann and Ensemble Megaphon took place.

RADICALLY UTOPIAN I - Concert and supper

at 11 July at 7 pm
Introduction at 6.30 pm with Prof. Dr. Nicolas Schalz (HfK Bremen)
in of St. Mark's Church Hanover, An der Markuskirche 2, 30163 Hanover

RADICALLY UTOPIAN II - Concert circuit with performances, sound and video installations

at 20 July at 8 pm
from 7.30 pm Sound and video installations
in of the Commedia Futura/Eisfabrik Hannover, Seilerstrasse 15F, 30171 Hanover

An event of the Markuskirche Hannover and the Ensemble Megaphon

You can find more information at

We are very much looking forward to your coming.
Lenka Župková & Mikael Honesseau
Artistic direction Ensemble Megaphon


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