*No2* Newsletter April Ensemble Megaphon // Two concert dates

The story of the soldier

At 21 April at 7 pm at KinderTheaterHaus

The adventurous journey of the soldier who has embarked on a daring bargain with the devil can be seen as a poetic video projection, accompanied by live music by Igor Stravinsky.

The second part of the evening features the commissioned work of the Ukrainian composer Alla Zagaykevich who deals with current events in her home country in her composition, illustrated with video recordings by Waldemart Klyuzko (Ukraine).

Cards under 0511/81 69 81 and mail@kindertheaterhaus-hannover.de

Learn more: The story of the soldier

The next appointment:
Memento MAURO / Homage with Kagel
A multi-layered homage to Kagel in Kagelian style
at 7 april at 7 pm
at SprengelMuseum Hanover
Admission 15 €/ reduced 10 €
VVK Reservix.de and Sprengel Museum (box office)

Learn more: Memento MAURO / Homage with Kagel

Lenka Župková
Artistic direction Ensemble Megaphon
Management Blickpunkte e.V.
Göttinger Str. 49
30449 Hanover
Register Court: Hanover Local Court
Registration number: VR: 201129
T. 0511.37353559
Email: info@blick-punkte.eu

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