Ensemble Megaphon // Dada sounds there - 30.10.2016

Ensemble Megaphon presents "Dada sounds there""
DADA sounds there

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Dadas,

DADA Our Wandel concert, which will take you through a sounding Sprengel Museum, is fast approaching. Dada is played at the beginning by the pupils of the inclusive Mira Lobe School with percussionist Willi Hanne under the direction of Katja Krause.

Dadanach guide Anna Clementi Blume leads you through the Dadawelten between caravan and manifesto, swan and bathtub.

Did you know that it pays to invest your money in dada?
Oh, and did we mention that we need your help for the big Dada sound at the end?
So be with us - be dada!

Your Ensemble Megaphon

Sun, 30.10.2016, 11 am:
Dada sounds there- Concert of the Ensemble Megaphon at the Sprengel Museum Hanover

Heiko Maschmann, Jürgen Morgernstern Double Bass
Lenka Zupkova - Violin/Live Electronics
Franz Betz - Light sculptor
Konstantin Raptis - Accordion
Jürgen Grözinger-Percussion
Anna Clementi - Voice/Acting
Willi Hanne - Percussion
Tosh Leykum - Video Projection
and pupils of the inclusive Mira - Lobe School Hanover


Ensemble Megaphon presents "Dada sounds there""Ensemble Megaphon presents "Dada sounds there""
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