New music in the church - German premiere in a sacred setting

As part of the ANTIPHONALE - New Music in Church Festival, the Ensemble Megaphon will present a portrait of the Estonian composer Helena Tulve on Sunday, 16 September at 5:00 pm in the hall of the Leisewitzhaus in Braunschweig. It is also the final concert of the 2nd festival edition, organised by the Verein Freunde Neuer Musik Braunschweig e.V. (Friends of New Music Braunschweig).
Among the young female composers of the Baltic States, Helena Tulve, born in 1972, found her very own tone. The French school of spectral music, Gregorian chant and the study of cultic music from the Orient led her on the trail of a richly coloured, floating-virtual unanimity interspersed with microintervals. Her careful writing, her fragile textures, her sense for the subliminal and inconspicuous, her sensitivity for space and time have remained with her for decades.
In cooperation with the Kirchenmusik an St. Aegidien and Louis Spohr Musikzentrum, the festival is themed Antiphonale and presents mainly German premieres.
In addition to works by the Estonian composer Helena Tulve, who is guest in Braunschweig as Composer in Residence and by whom a considerable number of works will be heard, music by Messiaen, Miskinis, Trenner, Orbán, Motz and Padros will also be heard.

The opening concert will be given by Bernhard Schneider with Münsterchor and Pueri Cantores on Friday, 14 September at 7:30 pm in St. Aegidien Church, followed by a scenic spatial concert on Saturday, 15 September at 7:30 pm with the Brunswiek Soloists, also in St. Aegidien. The performances take place in church spaces, and the artists incorporate both the architecture and the acoustics of the rooms. The musicians play distributed throughout the room, placed around the audience.

All dates at a glance:

Fri, 14 September 2018, 7:30 pm, St Aegidien Church, Spohrplatz 9

New choral music. Münsterchor and Pueri Cantores St. Aegidien.
Direction and organ: Bernhard Schneider 

Sat., 15 September 2018, 7:30 pm, St. Aegidien Church, Spohrplatz 9

Space - Movement - Sound. Brunswiek Soloists

Sun., 16 September 2018, 5:00 p.m., Hall of the Leisewitzhaus, Aegidienmarkt 12

Portrait of Helena Tulve (Estonia). Ensemble Megaphon

Admission to all concerts is free, donations are welcome.


Minster Choir and Pueri Cantores | Conductor Bernhard Schneider

Brunswiek Soloists: Vlady Bystrov, saxophone | Lenka Župková, violin Bernhard Schneider, organ | Hans Krauss, accordion

Ensemble Megaphon: Lenka Župková, violin | Grzegorz Krawczak, cello | Vlady Bystrov, saxophone | Tatjana Prelevic, piano

Composer in Residence Helena Tulve (Estonia)

Partner St. Aegidien, Louis Spohr Music Centre

Sponsors Stadt Braunschweig Kulturinstitut, Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz, Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung.

Organiser Freunde Neuer Musik Braunschweig e.V. Ritterstraße 2, 38100 Braunschweig.

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