Ensemble Megaphon

The Ensemble Megaphon was founded in 2007 by the Czech violinist Lenka Župková and the French dancer and choreographer Mikael Honesseau.

The Ensemble Megaphon is a collective of international artists of different art forms and styles.

The creative focus of the ensemble lies both on the interfaces between contemporary music/media, music theatre, conceptual improvisation and live electronics and in the juxtaposition of avant-garde with early music.

The artists of Ensemble Megaphon are Specialists for spatial productions and site-specific performances, as well as for concerts in unusual spaces. With passion and a love of experimentation, they develop and realise new performance formats in which they combine video, sound art, dance and drama. The projects are thematically, politically and socially oriented.

An important concern is collaboration at eye level with professional artists from Syria, Armenia, Iran and Turkey.

The Ensemble Megaphon works on a regular basis with composers such as H.Oehring, V.Globokar, A.Schlünz, S.Nesic, T.Prelevic, B.König, D.Morreira, H.Tulve, E.Ebrahimi. More than 40 works have been written and premiered for the ensemble.

Under the direction of music theatre educators, the ensemble regularly realises Mediation projects and pedagogical-artistic actions.

The association Blickpunkte e.V. provides organisational support for the projects of the Ensemble Megaphon.

Since 2019, Ensemble Megaphon has been institutionally supported by the City of Hannover and the Kulturbüro Hannover.

Scholarships: 2020 The Reload Scholarship of the Federal Cultural Foundation

2021: Restart of the ensemble's promotion funding

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