Lenka Župková

Lenka Zupkova@Vlady Bystrov-web

Violin, direction, composition, live electronics

Born in Prague.

She studied violin at the Janacek Academy of Music in Brno (Czech Republic) and at the University of Music and Theatre in Hanover. Župková performs as a soloist on the violin, the five-string electric violin and the viola with, among others, the audio designer Andre Bartetzki and the flutist Lenka Kozderkova (Duo Goelan).
From 2000 to 2008 she worked as a composer and stage musician for municipal theatres in Zurich, Nuremberg, Hanover, Berlin and Aachen.
She has been artistic director of the interdisciplinary ensemble Megaphon in Hanover since 2007. Her work focuses on new and experimental music, performance and music theatre. She conceives and realises performances in non-places, multimedia music theatre projects and spatial productions. Through the use of preparation, amplification of string instruments and the targeted positioning and movement of the musicians in space, she searches for expanded sound possibilities. This leads to the development of new playing techniques and sound spaces.

In her productions, she combines different art forms to open up innovative perspectives. An important element of her artistic vision is the creation of expanded and participative concert formats. It is important to her to actively involve the audience in her projects in order to discover new approaches to music and art together.

Her artistic projects deal intensively with social and political issues. A particular focus is on environmental issues and sustainability.
In close collaboration with various composers, several works for solo violin, live electronics and chamber ensemble have been dedicated to her.

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