On Angel Wings

Wandelkonzert with music, dance and video projections

Date: Saturday, 08. December 2018
Time: 19:00, Admission: 18:30

Place:           St Paul's Church, Hafenstr. 124, 27576 Bremerhaven
Organiser: Kulturkirche Bremerhaven
Admission: 15 euros, reduced 8 euros

Through video and sound art, dance and song, the church space of St Paul's Church becomes a total work of art. The musicians of the Ensemble Megaphon, with the participation of the joint church choir of the Michaelis, Paulus and Kreuzkirche congregations, span a wide range from Hildegard von Bingen's mystical chants from the 12th century, Henry Purcell's "Music for a while" from the 17th century to the improvisations of Ammar Zein on the oud, a short-necked lute from the Near East, and works of new music. Everything meets in a musical dialogue.

Light and video projections transform the church, the words of a Persian mystic fly through the space and form themselves into floating images. The musicians themselves become works of art through luminous strips and move through the church space, which is included with its atmosphere.

An evening of art that crosses borders, featuring the joint church choir of the Michaelis, Paulus and Kreuzkirche congregations under the direction of Silke Matscheizik. The visitors are taken on a journey through space and time and countries and experience the music unusually intensively and closely.


Ensemble Megaphon and guest artists

Lenka Župková, violin, artistic director
Sophia Körber, soprano,
Oren Lazovski, Dance, Accordion
Johannes Keller, double bass
Ammar Zain, Oud
Vlady Bystrov, wind instruments
Andre Bartetzki, video projections
Franz Betz, Light Sculptor

Joint church choir of the Ev.-luth. Michaelis- and Paulus- as well as Kreuzkirchengemeinde under the direction of Silke Matscheizik

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