Concert and session as part of the "Groove the City" symposium

24.November, 19:00

Location: Leuphana University of L√ľneburg


  • Lenka Zupkova (violin),
  • Ibrahim Keivo(vocals, saz),
  • Abdulrahim Aljouja (percussion)

Lenka Zupkova and Ibrahim Keivo have been playing together as a duo since 2016, improvising and interpreting various folk or traditional songs from the cultural sphere of Syria, Armenia, Turkey.

Al Jazira, the region in north-eastern Syria characterised by enormous ethnic and religious diversity, is the home of singer and instrumentalist Ibrahim Keivo. For years, Keivo has been "collecting" the songs of the region: songs about love, joy, mourning, harvest. Wedding songs, ritual songs, myths. Keivo sings in Arabic in various dialects, Kurdish, Aramaic, Assyrian and Armenian and accompanies himself on saz.

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