c l a n g s p o r t workshop concert

c l a n g s p o r t workshop concert

Date: 22 Nov. 2018, 7:00 pm
Location: Museum Lüneburg, Marcus Heinemann Hall, Wandrahmstraße

In the KLANGSPORT project, the sound traces of 28 sports disciplines were audiovisually recorded and inventoried with the participation of 53 athletes.

Sounds that we hardly pay attention to in everyday life have now found their first cultural order in the KLANGSPORT archive.

Three musicians have researched the material and found their favourite auditory discipline. In the workshop concert, they come together with their athletes in a charming liaison to interpret the disciplines musically.

  • Stefan Leisegold explores with synthesizer and electric guitar the discipline of the Long jump.
  • The bass clarinettist Teresa Doblinger hits with 3 Rope Skippers together in a musical dialogue.
  • Lenka Župková (electric violin) enters into a charming liaison with a Japanese swordsman on.

In addition, we are expecting surprise guests from Oslo and Hanover and finally there will be Hans-Malte Witte (flute | sax | piano) and one Running group give a whirlwind finish.

Join us on an acoustic voyage of discovery through sport!

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