Pedro Páramo 20.8.2018

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Magical audio-visual adventure
Concert on 20 August 2018 at 4 pm at Kommunal Kino Niedersachsen

within the framework of the Festival Musik 21

Anna Clementi - vocals, speech, electronics
Jürgen Grözinger - percussion, objects, electronics
Lenka Župková - violin, electronics
Andre Bartetzki - Electronics, Video

Two-part evening with a musical-scenic collage about the only novel by the Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, as well as works by the composers Daniel Moreira, Iñigo Giner Miranda, Miguel Azguime and Núria Giménez-Comas.


Núria Giménez-Comas
No more words (2015) for soprano and electronics

Miguel Azguime
Soit Seul Sûr de Son (2007) for violin and live electronics

Daniel Moreira
Safety Procedures (2013) for violin, singer and electronics

Iñigo Giner Miranda
enlightened (2013) for string instrument with LED light rings

Andre Bartetzki
Spaces (2017, UA) audiovisual miniatures


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