TIN PIT - in the nowhere of a strange city

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Untold stories of unimportant people written down by Wasim Ghrioui

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German text version: Rolf C. Hemke
The production will be performed in German with Arabic subtitles.

Next performances:

Images of war and stories of flight have dominated the media's image of Syria for over six years. Questions about life before the revolution and before the war have been almost absent from the public discourse. TIN PIT - in the nowhere of a strange city" is about untold stories of people from a reviled neighbourhood, a non-place somewhere in the middle of Damascus in the time before the war. The author and visual artist Wasim Ghrioui, who has lived in Berlin since 2013, grew up in this neighbourhood. In his second theatre text, "TIN PIT", he tells stories and anecdotes about the inhabitants of his neighbourhood with a precise power of observation and subtle irony: about Aunt Wahida and her sheep-sized rooster, which becomes competition for the muezzin with its crowing. About his father, a "man of the state", who even goes to buy his bread at a separate counter for military personnel. Of the fine old Madame Loris, the only Christian in the strict Islamic quarter, who gives her grandson and his girlfriend a love shelter.

Due to illness, actor Omar El-Saeidi is unfortunately not in TIN PIT. However, we are very pleased that his colleague Paul Wollin was able to step in. Paul is currently a member of the ensemble at the Maxim Gorki Theater and played in the highly acclaimed production VERRÜCKTES BLUT directed by Nurkan Erpulat, among others. He has also appeared in the series SOKO Leipzig and SOKO Wismar and in Martin Hawie's film TORO. His performance is accompanied by musical soundscapes by the Syrian composer and singer Dima Orsho, the Syrian trumpeter Milad Kwaham by the Ensemble Rasif and the Czech instrumentalist and composer Lenka Župková (Ensemble Megaphon). In their compositions, they combine traditional songs from the Mediterranean region with free jazz, electronics and sounds from Damascus. The powerful visual design of TIN PIT is in the hands of video artist Matze Görig.

With: members of Ensemble Megaphon and Rasif and guest artists

90 min. without break

12,- € / 8,- €, under www.staatstheater-hannover.de or at the box offices in the Opera House and the Playhouse

Blickpunkte e.V. Hanover

Doris Schröder-Köpf - State Commissioner for Migration and Participation

Cooperation partner:
Hanover State Opera, Musikland Niedersachsen

The production TIN PIT could be realised with the help of the following sponsors:
MWK Lower Saxony, Lower Saxony Foundation, LAG Lower Saxony, Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation, Sparkasse Hannover, Braunschweig Savings Bank Foundation, Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine, City of Hanover, Braunschweig Cultural Heritage Foundation, Rotary Hanover

Performances that have already taken place:
Wed. 07 March , 8 pm , Hanover, Schauspielhaus, "Dance the Tandem"
Premiere: Sat, 10 March 2018, 7:30 pm Ballhof Zwei, Hanover State Opera House
Premiere: Sun, 11 March 2018, 7:30 pm Ballhof Zwei, Hanover State Opera House
Wed, 04 April Hildesheim, 7:30 pm, Kulturfabrik Löseke/Halle

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