9.12.2017 Live music to the silent film The Kid by Charlie Chaplin

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Image: James Willis Sayre, Public domain

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At 9 December 2017 shows the Kommunale Kino in the Künstlerhaus Hannover at 6 pm the silent film "The Kid" by Charlie Chaplin. The film will be accompanied by live music from Willi Hanne - Percussion, small objects, live electronics / Johannes Keller - Double bass / Lenka Zupkova - Violina, Viola.

"The Kid, also known in Germany as The Tramp and the Child, is a 1921 American silent tragedy comedy film directed by Charlie Chaplin and starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance and Jackie Coogan, who became a child star with this film. Charles Chaplin's first feature film as a director is about a tramp who finds a small child and raises it. Due to external circumstances, however, the intimate relationship between the two is put in danger. The film combines comedy with social drama, which was almost unique at the time. The Kid was a huge box office success of its time and is still one of Chaplin's most famous works." (Wikipedia)



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