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Wandelkonzert with music, dance and poetry from 8 centuries

Sat. 03.09.2022, 7:30 pm, Admission: 7:00 pm

State Music Academy of Lower Saxony, Am Seeligerpark 1, 38300 Wolfenbüttel

Tickets for 10 euros/ reduced 8 euros are available at the box office 19:00 or via Reservix
Changes may occur due to corona.
The Ensemble Megaphon invites you to a very special concert. By combining music and song, the artists transform the orchestra hall of the academy into a sensual synthesis of the arts. Under the direction of Lenka Župková, the musicians of the Ensemble Megaphon together with the Junge Kammerchor Braunschweig, conducted by Steffen Kruse, will span a musical arc from Hildegard von Bingen's mystical chants from the 12th century to Henry Purcell's "Music for a while" from the 17th century to the Persian improvisations of Ehsan Ebrahimi on the santoor and new music. Everything meets in a musical dialogue.
On this evening of cross-border art, visitors are taken on a journey through space and time and experience the music in an unusually intense and close way.

Duration 75 minutes without break


Ensemble Megaphon

Lenka Župková (conductor, violin)
Grzegorz Krawczak (Violoncello)
Ehsan Ebrahimi (Santur)
Vlady Bystrov (wind instruments)

Singers of the Braunschweig Young Chamber Choir under the direction of Steffen Kruse


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