School workshop with live concert of "The Soldier's Tale" by Igor Stravinsky, video animation and follow-up discussion

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On the workshop and concert day itself, each group of students (about 40-50 people) received a one-hour introduction to the concert with the nature of a workshop prior to the concert. The content of the introduction was based on the concert programme: introduction of characters, music and instruments, themes such as war, alienation and the search for support... Different themes that the young people encountered in the concert were taken up here and learned about interactively and with musical components. In this way, access to the concert was created and the subsequent concert visit intensified. Directly after the concert, there was a follow-up discussion with the musicians, which was also moderated by the music mediator.

Teachers were sent a free teacher's folder about four weeks before the concert so that they could prepare their pupils for the concert and work on topics from the concert in class before and after the concert.

 Soldier history

The soldier engages in a daring bargain with the devil: he trades his beloved violin for a book of spells, loses his bride, drinks with the devil and recovers his violin. Current themes such as the search for home and support are dealt with. In addition to Igor Stravinsky's music, the narrative was brought to the stage by means of video animations and small scenes.

Workshop leadership

  • Tamara Schmidt / Theatre Pedagogy
  • Ensemble Megaphon
    Margit Kern / Accordion
    Sebastian Wendt / Clarinet
    Lenka Zupkova / Violin
    Andre Bartetzki / Live Electronics, Animation
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