In five participatory one-day workshops with pupils from 6th/8th and 9th grades in Hanover and Wolfenbüttel, contemporary music theatre met the corona 'shaken' lifeworlds of the children and young people. Through the creative, musical and thematic connection, musicians, choir, dancers, actress and art mediator as a team entered into an exchange with the pupils about the pandemic situation 2020-2022 and immersed themselves in the history of historical pandemics. In the theatrical-musical process, the pupils took on roles such as those of the ancient choir or the people affected by the pandemic or accompanied scenes of the ensemble with sound collages.

In the visual workshop, they created large-format PVC mappings as young people affected by Corona, which were placed indoors and outdoors in the schools. The mappings dealt with the students' personal experiences during the pandemic, as well as facts about (historical) and other epidemics besides Corona, or 'positive' viruses were invented that could make the world a better place to live in. Infectus as an educational project was a successful "experiment" in addressing the topic of epidemics/pandemics with children and young people.


  • Workshop concept and direction: Katja Krause
  • Ensemble Sozusingen
  • Ensemble Megaphon
  • Photos: China Hopson


Funded within the framework of the programme "Niedersachsen dreht auf" (Lower Saxony turns up the heat)

Logo: Foundation of Brunswick Cultural Heritage

The main thing is music


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