ILMASI dances

ILMASI dances

A scenic collage of dance, live music, video image and rap


Under the artistic direction of dancer and choreographer Mikael Honesseau, young people from the ILMASI Garbsen special school presented a scenic collage of dance, live music, video images and rap. The musicians of the Ensemble Megaphon Willi Hanne (percussion, video) and Lenka Župková played live.

In a teamwork between the teachers of the ILMASI school and Mikael Honesseau, a scenic collage with autobiographical elements was created based on dialogue and creativity. Friendship, chaos play and encounter - these are just a few of the themes that the young people dealt with in ILMASI dances creatively.

Workshop leadership

Mikael Honesseau



Photos: Tosh Leykum



Hannover Region, TUI Foundation Hannover, Nord LB, Sparda-Bank Hannover Foundation, Foundation Edelhof Ricklingen V.J.v. der Osten, InkluVision e.V. Klosterkammer Hannover and Rotary Hannover-Leineschloss

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