Moving Spaces

Fri, 10.9.2021; 7 pm

Brunswick Municipal Museum, Steintorwall 14, 38100 Brunswick
Entrance free

Sat, 11.9. 2021; 3 pm

as part of the Festival Musik 21 Niedersachsen,
Receipt of goods at the Faust Cultural Centre

Admission see following link on Music 21

In its new programme "Moving Spaces", the Ensemble Megaphon once again and with great joy of playing explores different aesthetics and sound possibilities of traditional instruments from Europe and Iran and their extension by live electronics and projection.

The first part features works by Ansgar Beste, who explores artistic freedom within narrow limits by striving for maximum tonal innovation.


Works by MWK composition scholarship holder Ansgar Beste (newly orchestrated for Ensemble Megaphon )

  • Ansgar Beste: Dialoges Fragil for prepared violin
  • Ansgar Beste: Moving Space for ensemble (UA)
  • Ansgar Beste: Sandrose for prepared ensemble (UA)

Performative graphic scores

  • Tatjana Prelevic "The Art of memory" for conductor and ensemble (premiere)
  • Violeta Dinescu "Palomino Molero" (premiere) for chamber ensemble
  • Juliana Hodkinson "SomethingInCapitals" (UA) Re-arranged for Ens. M Megaphone
  • Yikiko Watanabe "Living in the Box

Contributors: Ensemble Megaphon

  • Lenka Župková, violin, art. direction
  • Vlady Bystrov, clarinet
  • Tatjana Prelevic, piano
  • Kai Altendorf, percussion
  • Ehsan Ebrahimi, Santur, Sound Direction
  • Christiane Ostermeyer, Language
  • Nemanja Lukic, Conducting, Accordion

In cooperation with music theatre pedagogues, the ensemble regularly realises participatory pedagogical-artistic workshops.

About the works:

Ansgar Beste on his sound language

"As a composer, I have specialised in the acoustic preparation of musical instruments and voices (with John Cage as the most important role model): since 2008, every creative process has been preceded by extensive sound experiments in which I test a wide range of foreign materials and everyday objects at various points. I also use preparations on all instruments/voices in all my scores. Personally, I consider preparations to be an endlessly rich and very inspiring field of work that seems to evolve into a lifelong artistic project."

Tatjana Prelevic "Art of memory" UA (2021)

is a music-theatrical piece for solo conductor and flexible type and number of instruments and live electronics with texts by Morton Feldman and Frances Yates.
The piece deals with the changing role of conductors in our time and seeks reflections and comparisons in hierarchical systems in society.

Is tradition a source from which we must continue to draw? Do experiences in collective memory play a decisive role in further developments and decisions or do they prevent us from seeking new solutions?

Violeta Dinescu "Palomino Molero" (premiere) for chamber ensemble

The musicians of Ensemble Megaphon set a graphic score to music in which they question and realise the musical potential of musical traditions both familiar and foreign to them.

Yikiko Watanabe "Living in the Box" (2012)

"The movement of the body has fascinated me for a long time, I feel it is fine, detailed and complex. When I compose a piece, I always immediately imagine the movement of the player and write notes for it. This is my first attempt to involve the player's body directly. For musicians, there are clear instructions and notation examples, the timing depends on the video."

Juliana Hodkinson (something in capitals) voices and instruments (Re-Arrangement 2021)

Juliana Hodkinson mixes electroacoustic music with radio and acoustic voices and instruments in her piece. Snippets of text sound and break off. Conceptually, her composition is extremely complex and demanding. She is concerned with listening and understanding processes. Juliana Hodkinson works with language and the understanding of language in a variety of ways, in multimedia.


  • Poster Tobias, the Angel and Wasted Europe
  • Charlie Chaplin: The Kid
  • Poster and cover image Tin Pit
  • Scene photo Tahere Asghary
  • Collage for Concert Sari Gelin
  • Poster: Antiphonale
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