Hiking Concert "Alps and Mountains"

An event organised by Garten Region Hannover The "Alps and Mountains" hiking concert combined the ascent of a mountain close to the city with the sound of trombone choirs and chamber music ensembles to create an overall scenic and musical experience. The second, concertante part of the hiking concert took place in the green area of the Empelde potash mountain. The Ensemble Megaphon presented chamber music by Daniel Schnyder. Two songs together: "God be in [...]
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Cover picture: Infektus Hannover

Infectus Hanover

"Why don't you come closer? We don't need any distance!" Entertaining and amusingly bizarre street theatre from plague to corona - including guaranteed infection with information, sarcasm and irony 16 performances in 2021-2022 Open Air in Hanover Based on historical facts, the artists of Ensemble Megaphon and Ensemble Sozusingen, directed and conducted by [...]
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Cover picture: Moving - four concert tours


Four concert tours

Our ensemble on sounding walks and paths of discovery. Sound-moving forays through musical epochs and improvisations form the rhythms for each excursion.

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Scene photo: Sophia Körber in Sleepless Love

Sleepless love

To mark the 300th anniversary of the death of organ builder Arp Schnitger, three young writers weave their stories around the mysterious Mona Lisa, made famous by Leonardo Da Vinci's (ⴕ1519) portrait. Three contemporary composers set these stories to music, inspired by the life and work of baroque composer Barbara Strozzi (*1619). In an interplay, music and stories merge with the respective church interiors and their [...]
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Poster and cover image Tin Pit

TIN PIT - in the nowhere of a strange city

The music theatre "TIN PIT - in the nowhere of a strange city" is about untold stories of people from a reviled neighbourhood, a non-place somewhere in the middle of Damascus in the time before the war. The author and visual artist Wasim Ghrioui, who has lived in Berlin since 2013, grew up in this neighbourhood. In his second [...]
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Scene photo from Project Lifelines


With the musicians of the Megaphon ensemble and guest artists, we will cover a wide range of music from Hildegard von Bingen's mystical chants from the 12th century to traditional Arabic Sufi music, improvisation and contemporary music. In doing so, we include the space, the light and its atmosphere and meet each other in a musical dialogue. Press reviews Extract from [...]
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Scene Project The Rain Passed Over

The Rain Passed Over

"...Ensemble Megaphon realises the sounds conceived for this with precision and empathy. Sopranos Olivia Stahn and Sophia Körber and baritone Daniel Gloger also contribute their musical personalities. "The Rain Passed Over" succeeds in subtle tonal balancing acts between fragmentation, deconstruction, paraphrase and condensation. The protagonists fail to find a common language. The ensemble certainly does not..." [...]
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Scene Project Dada sounds there!

Dada Sounds There!

Performances at the Sprengel Museum and the Alte Polizeistation Hannover October 2016 - January 2017 I asked myself the question: Is DADA politically and artistically relevant in our time? How do sound poems sound and look when realised with today's artistic means? How do we realise it musically? We interviewed artists and composers in the spirit of DADA, [...]
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Cover image Project On Angel Wings

On Angel Wings

What do angels sound like and what do they look like? Fascinated by images and compositions by various artists and composers, the musicians of the ensemble Megaphon embarked on a journey. In this journey, poetic speech and choral singing were combined with compositions from the Middle Ages to the present day, sung by soprano Sophia Körber and played by violin, flute and accordion. [...]
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Scene Project Memento Mauro

Memento Mauro

As part of Klangbrücken - Mauricio Kagel / Festival der Staatsoper Hannover Mauricio Kagel has long since become a classic composer. Reason enough to look at him through the Kagelian lens. Together with the composer and interaction artist Bernhard König, who was one of Kagel's last students, the Ensemble Megaphon has created a dialogue [...]
The production has already been played.

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