Sleepless love

Sleepless love

Three sound-painting live radio plays for organ and chamber ensemble

Scene photo: Sophia Körber in Sleepless Love

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the death of organ builder Arp Schnitger, three young women writers spin their stories around the mysterious Mona Lisa made famous by Leonardo Da Vinci's (ⴕ1519) portrait. Three contemporary female composers set these stories to music, inspired by the life and work of the Baroque composer Barbara Strozzi (*1619). In an interplay, music and stories merge with the respective church spaces and their rare organ stop sounds, thus creating space to be fascinated by the inspiring power and topicality of the organ world.

As part of the organ campaign "Hoch empor. Organs in Lower Saxony"


"Sleepless Love - Three World Premieres in the Schnitger Jubilee Year

For it is precisely the proximity to the organ, the ensemble and the actress that creates a chamber-musical, intense experience in which one can sometimes be inspired by the passages of words to reflect, then again by the music to listen meditatively."  

Agnes Bührig


Performance venues

St. Nicolai Bothfeld, Basilica St. Clemens, Emmaus Church


Lenka Župková: violin, artistic direction
Sophia Körber: vocals
Grzegorz Krawczak: Violoncello
Ann-Christin Bloch: Organist
Christiane Ostermayer: Actress
Inga Kolbeinsson: Actress
Franz Betz: Light Art

Women composers

Annette Schlünz
Snežana Nešić
Tatjana Prelevic

Women writers

Ulrike Draesner
Marica Bodrožić
Katharina Schmidt


Hannover Region, Lower Saxony Foundation, LHH Hannover Cultural Office.

Cooperation partner:

State Music Academy, Musikland Niedersachsen GmbH

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