Around the cloister

Around the cloister

A musical-scenic walking tour through the cloisters of Lüne and Wienhausen Abbeys with music from eight centuries

Scene from the project Around the Cloister

From the deep silence and timeless atmosphere of the space, sound worlds and scenes from almost a millennium emerge: from the preserved medieval songs and mystical chants of the Lüne and Wienhausen monasteries to early Baroque female composers and contemporary commissioned compositions.

Especially for these performances, Tatjana Prelevic, Lenka Župková and Julia Mihaly have created three compositions for the choirs based on the old song material preserved in the monastery.

Several sound and movement stations come together to form a sensual musical and scenic collage and bring the cloister to life in a picture theatre. In the Middle Ages, people sang here during processions; today, the choir elicits messages from the space, singing and whispering to their contemporaries.

It was astonishing and captivating at the same time to experience the richness of differentiation with which music was played here. The harmonic richness and finesse of the performers united spirituality with fine, urgent expressivity. [...] While on the one hand every effect was pursued, on the other hand the music was played with great calmness, which gave the music an impressive grandeur. Even relatively simple works became highlights.
Cellesche Zeitung // 25.6.2010


  • Ensemble Megaphon
  • Laura Pohl Song
  • Maria Pache Viola
  • Nora Matthies Violoncello
  • Lenka Zupkova Violin
  • Julia Mihaly Song
  • Mikhail Honesseau Dance
  • Vladimir Gorup Accordion
  • Women's Choir L'Ohreley Lüneburg
  • Church choir of the parish of St. Marien Wienhausen
  • Lenka Župková Artistic direction
  • Mikael Honesseau Direction, Choreography
  • Jochen Meyer, Wilfried Heitmüller Lighting design


Klosterkammer Hanover, Ziegler Church Music Foundation, MWK Lower Saxony

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