As part of the Musik 21 concert series at NDR 2022/23 "Kipppunkte" (Tipping Points)

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Photo by Andre Bartetzki

🔊 "Music 21.4. on NDR - with the Ensemble Megaphon from Hanover" 🔊

"Beyond the words, the music perhaps says the unsayable, the fluid enchantment that does not spare cliché and ironisation, it returns like memory, it does not leave us. It inserts itself into the language and one feels its constant presence in slow and fast undulations." (Olga Neuwirth)


Can songs stir people up against something and at the same time lull them to sleep? With our programme, we swing daringly between different times, themes, move between classical and contemporary works at the extremes between tonality and noisiness, occasionally tipping over into the bizarre and surreal. We combine selected songs by Franz Schubert with chamber music works by Olga Neuwirth, Charlotte Seither, Tatjana Prelevic, Vincent Bouchot and Moritz Eggert.


Ensemble Megaphon

  • Vlady Bystrov /Clarinet
  • Sophia Körber /Soprano
  • Tatjana Prelevic /Piano
  • Lenka Župková /Violin

Concert programme

  • Franz Schubert (1797-1828) - Selected Songs and their Arrangements
  • Vincent Bouchot (*1966) - "Moon Things (2012)
  • Vincent Bouchot (*1966) - "Galgenkindes Wiegenlied" (2012)
  • Charlotte Seither (*1965) - "Minzmeißel" Three small pieces for voice and piano (2006)
  • Olga Neuwirth (*1968) - Quasare/Pulsar for violin and piano
  • Olga Neuwirth (*1968) - Spleen for bass clarinet
  • Moritz Eggert (*1965) - Aus dem Nachtgrau and "Lasst uns ungereimt sein" for voice and piano (2007)
  • Tatjana Prelevic (*1964) - Aufwiegeln for ensemble (UA) (2023)
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