Opposite I.

Opposite I.

An interdisciplinary four-day performance journey with music, dance and video

Scene photo from Project Opposite

Within the framework of ArchitekturZeit of the Chamber of Architects of Lower Saxony

Hanover/Amtsgericht, Celle/Kunstmuseum R. Simon and Braunschweig/ Haus der Wissenschaft.

What do angels sound like and what do they look like? Fascinated by images and compositions by various artists and composers, the musicians of the Ensemble Megaphon embarked on a journey. In this, poetically spoken word and choral singing combined with compositions from the Middle Ages to the present day, sung by soprano Sophia Körber and played by violin, flute and accordion. Under the artistic direction of Lenka Župková and Klaus Hermann Anschütz, the musicians and the choir spanned a wide range from the oldest chorals to mystical chants from the 12th century by Hildegard von Bingen to the music of the present day. The floating light projections of Paul Klee's angel paintings transformed the church space and merged with the dancer's movements to form a collage. In a production rich in images, the four musicians, a dancer from the music Ensemble Megaphon and the Schola Gregoriana Cellensis wandered through the church and through timeless sound worlds.


Jörg Lühring : Contrabass
Vlady Bystrov : Wind Instruments
Lenka Zupkova : Violin
Willi Hanne : Percussion

Dance/ Choreography
Henrik Kaalund
Mikhail Honesseau
Zdenka Brungot Svíteková
Sylvia Heyden

Video artist
Andre Bartetzki
F. Krautkrämer + K. Herbel
Hana Zelezna
Claudia Robles


Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung, Foundation of Lower Saxony, Musikland Niedersachsen, City of Hanover, Department of Literature and Music - City of Braunschweig, Sparkasse Celle, Landessparkasse Braunschweig, Association Culture and Justice Hanover


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