radically utopian

radically utopian

A project on Luigi Nono (1924-1993) in three parts

Scene photo Radical Utopian

with concerts, youth projects and discussions

First concert

Radically Utopian I

Concert, supper and exhibition
July 2014 at St Mark's Church

Works by Luigi Nono and Claudio Monteverdi
Fragments - Silence to Diotima for string quartet (1980)
Con Luigi Dallapiccola for 6 percussionists and live electronics (1979)
¿Donde estás, hermano? (1981) for 4 vocal voices
Magnificat for six voices from the Vespers of the Virgin SV 206 (1610)

Second concert


Concert circuit with performances, sound and video installations
July 2014 at the Commedia Futura/Ice Factory

Luigi Nono
Fabrica Illuminata for soprano and live electronics (1964)
Thierry Blondeau (*1961)
String Quartet No. 2 (2012)
Gerald Eckert (*1960)
"Den angestoßenen Augen der Steine" (world premiere) for violin, double bass clarinet, tape and live electronics a.o.

Third concert

Radical Utopian III Departure into the Open Air

A multimedia concert on Luigi Nono
on 6 September 2014 at the Rammelsberg World Cultural Heritage Site

"Radically utopian (Markuskirche): Because all the performers made music in an exemplary manner and with extraordinary sensitivity, Luigi Nono's sound figures unfolded delicately and so organically that poetry shone in the midst of all the rebellion." - HAZ

"With chamber music works by John Dowland and George Handel, interpreted by a string trio and soprano (Can she excuse me wrongs) and string trio and flute (The Triumph of Time and Truth), it was a coherent and varied programme that confidently presented not only the unfamiliar but also the familiar."
- Goslarsche Zeitung on "Departure into the Open Air


Ensemble Megaphon and guests: Sarah Maria Sun (soprano), Beatrix Wagner (flute)
Nomos-Quartett, Vroni Kiefer (Acting), Percussion Ensemble of HMTM Hannover (cond. Andreas Boettger), neues vokalensemble of HMTM Hannover (cond. Walter Nussbaum) Nicolas Schalz, (Musicologist), Pastor Bertram Sauppe (Markuskirche)


Kulturbüro Hannover, Nord LB Hannover, Klosterkammer Hannover, Lower Saxony Foundation, Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture, Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation, Sparkasse Hannover, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover, Sennheiser, Musikland Niedersachsen, Concert of the German Music Council


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