The Poetry of Machines

The Poetry of Machines

A scenic concert with kinetic objects, film projections

Poetry of the Machines 3-4

Photographer, copyright@thomas bartels

Five performances in Hanover, Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel

People, machines, sounds... in its scenic concert "Poetry of Machines", Ensemble Megaphon combines its own compositions with black and white art films and kinetic objects by filmmaker Thomas Bartels. The interplay of roles and interplay between projection, musicians and objects places the music and the stage space in ever-changing, surprising contexts. The result is a fascinating installation of space, sound and light that transports visitors to other worlds. The audience is invited to bring their own umbrella to participate in a piece together with the musicians.

Ensemble Megaphon

  • Lenka Župková, violin, composition
  • Tatjana Prelević, piano, composition
  • Vlady Bystrov, clarinet, composition
  • Andre Bartetzki, electronics, sound direction
  • Kristin Wolter, Costumes, Make-up
  • Thomas Bartels, Kinetic Objects, Projections



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