A Soundwalk Performance

Scene from Project Labyrinth

The sounds of the forest, the noises of the street, the voices of the animals of the nearby zoo and the birds already form an acoustic scenery for a soundwalk (a sound hike), which is expanded by the actors and set into a new sound image. Twenty musicians move outside and inside the labyrinth, playing together in ever new formations. The natural conditions of the park become the basis for installations that also change, which in turn provide the sculptural framework for dancers and tightrope walkers who also expand the labyrinth to include the vertical dimension.

Bicycle labyrinth in the Eilenriede, in the city forest of Hanover
as part of the Musik 21 Niedersachsen 2009 "Colours" festival


  • Ensemble Megaphon and guests
  • Andre Bartetzki: Sound direction/live electronics
  • Willi Hanne: Percussion
  • Mikhail Honesseau: Movement/Choreography
  • Jörg Lühring: Contrabass
  • Hans Wendt: Susaphone
  • Lenka Zupková: Violin/ Concept
  • Crazy String Ensemble


Music 21 Lower Saxony, Protestant Regional and City Academy Hanover, Ensemble Megaphon

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