Water - Power - Sound

Water - Power - Sound

Cover image: Project Water - Power - Sound

Interdisciplinary performance at the Eisfabrik Hannover

Water serves the actors of the Ensemble Megaphon not only metaphorically and virtually but also very real as material, space and background: ice as body and crystalline structure, water and waves as sound generators and dynamic landscape, steam and breath as volatile and chaotic bearers of acoustic and breakers of visual messages. Solidifying/melting, condensing/evaporating - stand for multifaceted form and malleability as well as for creative and destructive forces that musicians, dancers, sound and video artists make use of.


  • Mikhail Honesseau - Dance, Voice
  • Tosh Leykum - Video art
  • Andre Bartetzki - Live electronics
  • Lenka Župková - Violin, Electronics


Cultural Office Hanover, Music 21 Lower Saxony

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