Memento Mauro

Memento Mauro

A multi-layered homage to Kagel in Kagelian style

Scene Project Memento Mauro

As part of Klangbrücken - Mauricio Kagel / Festival of the Hanover State Opera

Mauricio Kagel has long since become a classic as a composer. Reason enough to look at him through Kagel's glasses. Together with the composer and interaction artist Bernhard König, who was one of Kagel's last students, the Ensemble Megaphon has developed a framework composition in a dialogue process that forms the "red thread" of the programme and sheds anecdotal light on Kagel's life and work. The rest is improvisation ranging from "quite close to the original" to complete "decaging", which runs counter to all the master's intentions.

"Once, in the course of a gruelling three-week concert tour through Eastern Europe, Japan and Inner Mongolia, Kagel reached into his coat pocket with a smile after a ten-hour rehearsal and gave each musician in the twelve-piece ensemble a lemon candy: a wonderful day for the musicians, which they talked about for a long time."
(From: Textbook Memento Mauro, Kagelfabel No. 9)

"That he would have to die one day he felt was a great injustice. And so he decided: If his own death was inevitable, then it should at least be the end of all music. No sound should be heard after his passing."
(From: Textbook Memento Mauro, Kagelfabel No. 13)


Ensemble Megaphon
Lenka Zupkova, violin
Margit Kern, accordion
Jonas Krause, percussion
Sebastian Wendt, clarinet
Andre Bartetzki, Live Electronics
Negin Habibi, guitar
Stefan Wiefel, Acting
Dagmar Schmidt, room installation
Katja Krause, Assistant, Performer

Guest artist 
Bernhard König, commissioned composition, direction, concert moderation


MWK Lower Saxony, Foundation of Lower Saxony, City of Hanover

Cooperation partner

Lower Saxony State Opera Hanover

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