Hiking Concert "Alps and Mountains"

Hiking Concert "Alps and Mountains"

Staged touring concert with a focus on mediation for amateur trombone choirs

Alps and mountains (ё Tosh Leykum) (1)

An event of the Garden Region Hannover

The hiking concert "Alps and Mountains" linked the ascent of a mountain close to the city with the sound of trombone choirs and chamber music ensembles to create an overall scenic-musical experience.

The second, concertante part of the travelling concert takes place in the leafy area of the Kaliberg Empelde. The Ensemble Megaphon presented chamber music by Daniel Schnyder. Two songs: "God be in my head" by John Rutter and "Der Mond ist aufgegangen" sung with the audience and with all participating musicians, closed the hiking concert.

During the joint ascent of the Waldberg in Empelde, a selected music programme with scenic elements and a focus on the music of contemporary Swiss composers was heard, interpreted by 65 amateur wind players as well as professional musicians from the Ensemble Megaphon Hannover and international guest artists.


  • Music Ensemble Megaphon and guest artists
  • Ensemble Lappland (10 amateur and professional musicians)
  • National Youth Orchestra (approx. 25 young people)
  • Trombone Society of the Lutheran Church of Hanover /Ronnenberg (approx. 35 musicians)
  • Artistic Director: Lenka Zupkova
  • Choreography: Mikael Honesseau


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