Between sound and silence

Between sound and silence

A meditative video concert

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"If only it were so very quiet for once.
When the random and the approximate
Silence and neighbourly laughter,
when the sound my senses make,
did not prevent me so much in waking -:
Then I could in a thousandfold
Thoughts to your edge think you
and own you (just for a smile),
to give you away to all life
like a thank you." Rainer Maria Rilke

The performance moves in the border areas between sound and silence with the aim of feeling, hearing and perceiving silence in music. It is a venture and an attempt to make the various facets of silence tangible and to experience silence as an aesthetic, contemplative, but also political place.

The compositions and sounds oscillate between music and silence, classical and modern, noise and melody, notation and improvisation. To enhance this experience, we immerse the space - in a light control - in a soft dimmed light. The musicians are placed between the audience and make music in the midst of the listeners. In this way, the visitors experience sounds and tones at close quarters: they can hear the rustling of the bow or the inhalation of the clarinet and perceive them more clearly.
The programme includes works by J. Cage, G. Kurtag, S.Sciarrino, O.Messien, B.Patterson and own compositions.

The audience is encouraged to participate and is actively involved in the concert. Based on the graphic notation "Paper Music" by Ben Patterson, the musicians work together with the audience to create versatile sound collages. They will use various types of paper as instruments, which will be distributed to the audience. Guided by the musicians, a sonic panorama emerges that opens the ears and senses to the hidden possibilities and facets of noise and sound.


  • Lenka Zupkova - Violin
  • Vlady Bystrov - Clarinet
  • Tatjana Prelevic - Piano
  • Andre Bartetzki- Projections


Hanover audio region, Braunschweig Cultural Heritage Foundation

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Photos: Sofie Puttfarken


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