See Hear Remember

See Hear Remember

A scenic open-air concert in a stage set made of 1,000 paper cranes by the Japanese artist HIROKO as part of the Hiroshima Day of the state capital of Hanover.

Aegidienkirche_Hiroko_Ensemble Megaphon

A poetic garden awaits the audience in the ruins of St. Aegidienkirche, where 1,000 white paper cranes (as symbols of peace) float. The Ensemble Megaphon will move through the open church space with the women's choir Nagisa, performing Japanese compositions and traditional Japanese songs. A commissioned work by Yaeko Asano, a young Japanese woman living in Germany, which she wrote especially for this performance, will have its world premiere. Dynamic sound passages are juxtaposed with meditative movements, staged by the dancer and choreographer Mikael Honesseau. The audience can move freely, sit on stone benches or stools in the nave. They are allowed to move the paper cranes and enter and exit through the open ruin at will.

"The 1,000 cranes are witnesses of my past, at the same time they are observers of my present and also protectors for my future. They are the inner signposts for peace." - HIROKO

"[...] poetic performance [...]"
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung / 8.8.2011


Laura Pohl - vocals
Camilla Hoitenga - Flute
Vladimir Gorup - accordion
Julia Mihaly - Soprano
Maria Pache - Viola
Nora Matthies - Violoncello
Lenka Zupkova - Violin
Karoline Steidl - Violin

Mikhail Honesseau - Director, Choreography
Choir Ensemble Nagisa
HIROKO - Performance, Stage Design

Lenka Župková - Artistic direction and conception


Sparkasse Hannover Foundation, Hannover Region, Hannover Cultural Office, Freundeskreis

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