Ilmasi dances

Ilmasi dances

A scenic collage of dance, live music, video images and rap by the Ilmasi special school for mental development in Garbsen in cooperation with the Ensemble Megaphon

Scene photo Project Ilmasi dances

In a teamwork between the teachers, the students of the ILMASI school and the choreographer Mikael Honesseau, a scenic collage about friendship, chaos play and encounter was created on the basis of dialogue and creativity.
The "Ensemble auf dem Weg", an inclusive ensemble of young people with and without disabilities under the direction of Christiane Joost Plate, will provide the musical prelude.

"Because they not only moved the audience with their movements, 'but also developed their personalities', as music teacher Frieder Bleyl summed up what they had achieved."
- Local newspaper about "Ilmasi dances


Willi Hanne (Percussion, Video)
Lenka Župková (electric violin).


TUI Foundation, Hanover Monastery Chamber, Hanover Region, Kulturstiftung Nord LB, Stiftung Edelhof Ricklingen

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