Pinocchio Fake News

Pinocchio Fake News

Music theatre for young people and adults

Ensemble Megaphon Pinocchio 4-Photo Sofie Puttfarken web.


Whoever lies once is believed more?

Rumours, false reports and propaganda spread within seconds today. Especially in crisis situations, rumours have a great effect, especially when they fit the (anti-)social emotional image and appear in factual form. In this interdisciplinary music theatre, we deal with the increasingly contested question of "lies and truth", following the story of the probably most famous wooden figure Pinocchio. Provocative, thoughtful and entertaining, we draw on elements of music theatre and video art to create new lies and adventures. Together with the musicians, the audience will also shape and experiment with this sound-rich production about fake news and its effects.

The performance is suitable for all people aged 16 and over.
Duration 70 min, without interval.


Trio EN
(Soloists of the Ensemble Megaphon)
Tatjana Prelevic - Piano, Composition
Vlady Bystrov - wind instruments, composition
Lenka Župková - violin, composition, direction
Andre Bartetzki -Video Art , Live Electronics
Tayfun Bademsoy - Language, Libretto
Kristin Wolter - stage design, costumes


Blickpunkte e.V.


Ensemble Megaphon


Friends of New Music Braunschweig e.V.


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Photos: Sofie Puttfarken

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