Natura Renovata

Natura Renovata

Cover picture: Project Sound Bridges

As part of the digital festival Klangbrücken 6-12 May 2021 on the theme: "Musique spektrale".

A digital concert that was performed on 09 May 2021 - further information:

In this multimedia concert, the Ensemble Megaphon combines compositions with elements of other musical genres and moves with great joy of experimentation at the interface between different media and styles in a colourful sound continuum. 

With the festival motto "Musique spektrale", the concert focuses on the work of Giacinto Scelsi and develops from it a programmatic course that, based on Scelsi's work title Natura Renovatur, redefines the sound world of the 21st century.  Video projections interactively implement live musical impulses and micro-sound processes. 

The programme focuses on the aesthetics of spectralists and thus on the fascination of sound colours. We confront Scelsi's works with those that have an inner connection to his work, such as  Salvatore Sciarrino, Galina Ustvolskaja, Helena Tulve and Ehsan Ebrahimi. All participants meet in the creative process in improvisational parts and the interpretation of written passages.  

Unique and at the same time an adventure in this Corona period is the cooperation with the UNESCO City of Music Katowice. Due to tightened Corona measures, the double bass player Krzysztof Korzeń from Katowice cannot travel himself, but a musical encounter will take place online, in which we will jointly premiere a work written especially for the festival.

In cooperation with Kommunales Kino Hannover,  Music 21 Lower Saxony.


Ensemble Megaphon

  • Vlady Bystrov: Saxophones
  • Tatjana Prelevic: Piano
  • Ehsan Ebrahimi: Santur
  • Grzegorz Krawczak: Violoncello
  • Sophia Körber: vocals
  • Andre Bartetzki: Video
  • Jürgen Grözinger: Percussion
  • Krzysztof Korzeń: double bass player
  • Lenka Župková: violin, artistic direction


  • Krzysztof Dobosiewicz KDrill for piano, clarinet, violin and double bass (premiere)
  • Giacinto Scelsi Quattro Illustrazuioni for piano solo (1953) No. 1 and 4
  • Jürgen Grözinger Dream Machine, for percussion and instruments (UA)
  • Jan Wincenty Hawel Prelude for Double Bass Solo
  •  Helena Tulve (1972) Silences larmes for soprano saxophone, soprano and ensemble Salvatore Sciarrino Capriccio 1-2 di  for violin solo (2009)
  • Ehsan Ebrahimi Stand still!  (UA)  
  • Przemysław Scheller Two Quadrophonic Miniatures (UA)


Cultural Office of the City of Hannover, UNESCO City of Music

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