... mutely around. The end of the song

... mutely around. The end of the song

Open Air Convertible Concerts on Insects, Nature and Sound

Group picture Project Silent Around the End of the Song, all artists with insect masks in a green space


The extinction of species, the loss of biodiversity and the associated impoverishment of natural soundscapes are the theme of these Wandelkonzerte. The special communicative abilities, modes of behaviour and perception and the social structures of bees and other insects are the starting points for the development of musical-artistic performances and actions. By playfully exploring the acoustic communication of insects, the artists want to encourage new ways of listening and thinking. At the same time, they want to facilitate the path to an expanded musical understanding in the context of the sonic diversity of living things. These changes of perspective are intended to sensitise people to the silencing and disappearance of species and natural landscapes caused by human activity, while at the same time increasing acoustic and visual environmental pollution and destruction. They also want to inspire more responsibility for the biosphere of our planet.

At selected locations, the ensemble created experiential spaces with music and art that make changes in the environment sensually perceptible and conscious. Each month, the garden spaces became soundscapes corresponding to the seasonal situation, the respective light and weather conditions. Each of these open-air events took place in different artistic constellations with international and local guests from the fields of new music, electroacoustics, performance and video art.

Every 15 min. an animal species dies out - to illustrate this, the compositions and concert contributions each last about 15 minutes. They are complemented by scientific and literary lectures and readings. Furthermore, sound installations, such as the sounds of insect hotels or beehives on site, make it possible to experience the acoustic perspective of insects.

Participatory workshops

Accompanying this project, 25 students from the specially founded AG Thursdays for Insects at Gymnasium Limmer worked on the questions: What does my environment sound like? What can I learn from and about insects? How can humans and insects survive together in the urban habitat? They invent music, create visual art, develop riddles and build insect hotels. The results were presented as part of the ensemble's performances and concerts.

Contributors Ensemble Megaphon

  • Vlady Bystrov /Clarinet
  • Grzegorz Krawzcak/Violoncello
  • Ehsan Ebrahimi /Santur
  • Lenka Župková /Violin
  • Johannes Keller /Contrabass
  • Christiane Ostermayer /Acting
  • Sophia Körber /Soprano
  • Willi Hanne /percussion
  • Nicolae Gutu /Accordion
  • Andre Bartetzki /Sound Installations
  • Tosh Leykum /Video Art
  • Burkhard Scheller/ Costumes
  • Kristin Wolter /stage and make-up

Guest artists

  • Frédéric Jouhannet (electric violin) on 17.6. and 19.6.2022
  • Lison De Ridder (overhead projections and drawings) on 17.6.2022
  • Sandip Ghosh(Tablas) on 24.6. and 10.7.2022
  • Ashley Hribar (piano) on 24.6. and 10.7.2022
  • Intercultural Ensemble, cond. Ehsan Ebrahimi
  • Pupils' Ensemble of the Limmer Gymnasium
  • Students of HMTH (EMP)


  • Tatjana Prelevic
  • Ehsan Ebrahimi
  • Juliana Hodkinson
  • Andre Bartetzki
  • Gabriel Fresh
  • and own compositions

Head of AG Thursdays for Insects

Maike Fölling, Katja Krause, Prof. Elisa Läubin with students from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Wigbert Mecke and Thorben Pabst


OpenSpaceHannover e.V., Transition Town Hannover, Kunst im Kontakt, Naturfreundehaus, FzH Linden


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Photos: China Hopson

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